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Milky Way over Two Guns, Arizona ©2019 James D Peterson.  Two Guns was a tourist stop between Winslow and Flagstaff during the heyday of Route 66.  It had a tiny zoo, a gas station, curio shops, and a small residential community, all constructed of stones that were plentiful in the area.  Most of it has fallen down in the days since Route 66 was bypassed, and what remains constitutes a spooky ghost town, especially when photographed at night.<br />
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On this evening, the Milky Way (and the planet Jupiter, the bright object in the upper right) were visible above a low-hanging plume of smoke from a forest fire in the region, and the city lights of Winslow are lighting up the smoky haze on the left.  To create the eerie red glow, I light painted the structure with a small LED headlamp during a 15 second exposure.