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Big Tulip #1.  This bold and brilliant flower was just a bit past its prime and thus had already lost one of its petals.  But that created a portal into which my camera could peek, and it was happy to capture this close-up (macro) image.<br />
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Full disclosure statement: In real life, this was actually a relatively small tulip (as tulips go) that came from a humble upbringing.  I found it in the floral dept. of a local grocery store, and somehow I knew that it aspired to greatness in spite of its modest beginnings.  So I adopted it.<br />
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When it saw my studio lights and my brand new macro lens, it swelled with pride and eager anticipation.  It performed flawlessly during the photo session, not flinching or blinking even once under the bright lights while I was shooting it.  I couldn’t have asked for a better subject.<br />
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But serving as a studio model is hard work.  The session left the poor thing so exhausted that its its grip on its remaining petals was failing rapidly, and they all fell off within a few hours.  <br />
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As this beauty’s time in this world ran out, however, I could tell that it was at peace.  Its final moments were filled with a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that it left behind a strong and lasting legacy of dazzling form and color.<br />
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Image ©2020 James D. Peterson