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Desert Willow Flower.  Desert Willows (Chilopsis linearis - not really a willow plant, though their leaves resemble those of willows) can take the form of shrubs or smallish trees, and they are found across much of the Southwest.  They make good landscape plants, and also grow wild alongside many roads in our area.  They thoughtfully contribute a bit of local color throughout the warmer months, particularly when they’ve had sufficient rain.  And though precipitation has been marginal so far this year, they seem to think it’s adequate; in fact, many of them have now (in July) kicked off a second round of blossoms to accompany the bean-like seed pods from the first round.<br />
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Tech info:  Nikon D850 camera with Sigma 105mm macro lens, 1/200 sec. at f/11, ISO 200.<br />
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