New Mexico

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El Santuario de Chimayo (Infrared).  Originally founded around 1810, this sanctuary in Chimayo, New Mexico has been called “the most important Catholic pilgrimage center in the United States.”  It is also one of the most picturesque – and photographed - places in the state, and it has come to symbolize the richness of the state’s history and culture.  It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1970.<br />
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But if you’ve been there, it probably didn’t look quite like this.  My infrared camera always likes to show you new ways of seeing things, and it’s quite pleased to bring you its latest vision.<br />
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Tech info: Nikon D800E camera (modified for full spectrum response and with 550nm filter on the lens), Nikon 17-35mm lens at s35mm, 1/200 sec. at f/16, ISO 200<br />
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