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Afternoon in Needles District (Infrared).  On the way home from our Colorado fall colors trek, we spent an afternoon in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.  I’ve never found a better place to savor an unadulterated American Desert Southwest experience, and my infrared camera agrees wholeheartedly.  It found this alcove with an unnamed (AFAIK) sandstone spire just a short walk from Elephant Hill Road, and insisted on capturing a few shots.  And when it subsequently delivered the images, it once again decided to mimic Kodak’s Aerochrome color infrared film (assisted, as always, by my resident artistic digital elves).<br />
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Tech info: Nikon D3200 camera (modified for infrared with 590nm filter), Nikon 18-140mm lens at 32mm, 1/200 sec. at f/11, ISO 100.<br />
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Image ©2021 James D. Peterson